February 1, 2007

Welcome, this is my first pink serendipitous start up.   

This is my first blog, and  I am very excited to be joining the literati, particularly the pink literati & assorted aristocracies.  Being a pink scholar, published and maybe even pink peer reviewed is a privilege. Everybody who yearns to write must have a mission, yes?After much soul searching I do declare that my mission in life is to liberate the colour pink?  (the genuine pink as opposed to that pretentious pre-fabricated or sky blue pink). I want to keep our planet pink.

Why does the colour pink need liberating? 

Because it has been misunderstood, oppressed and villified.

I will attempt to remove all the voodoo, political dogma, myths and legends that have become associated with it.

The ‘pink miscreants’ have been busily assigning attributes to this beautiful pacifying colour.

That is just so 21st century!!

Lets just celebrate pink as a colour!!

From out of the woodwork have emerged pink prophets and philosophers who write of their concern for those who have succumbed to pink addiction, particularly in the form of shiny pink gadgets, gizmos, and other assorted pink stuff.

Much has been penned about the new breed of pink junkies, and it is highly overrated, as any marketing guru for Hello Kitty will assure  you.

These pink preoccupations are nothing more than pink hallucinations. And anyway if it ever became serious enough, I am sure there will be a pink cure on the horizon for  the new Prozac nation.

We’d have plentiful supplies of pink potions, pink pills, pink psychiatry or a Pinkaholics Anonymous Chapter somewhere in California.  The cure could very well turn out to be worse than the cause. Pink therapy, retail or otherwise is big business.

Especially since its Valentines Day coming up!!

Were I to win a Miss or Matron Universe conquest,  I would be a poster child for world peace’ and pink harmony.

I might also put in a shameless plug for my about to be launched pinkcarauction.com luxury pink car and accessories website.

Of course the website would be of peripheral concern to my core purpose in life….

….which raises the issue of PINK POSSESSIONS, not that I am into materialism, but how else do you describe your pink worldly goods?

Pink chattels?  It sounds too 17th century England, an era when the legal system treated property as being of more importance than people, which doesn’t augur well with you or I, nor does it align well with the values and philosophy of ….

..Miss Universe pageantry or universal pink harmony.

How many of you ‘pink trippers’ confess to wanting to live in a  pink castle?

Or work in a psychedelic pink office?

Or drive a LUXURY PINK CAR with pink upholstery, pink seat covers to match your pink mobile, pink ipod (or yet to be launched zune), pink pistons and your latest semi-permanent?

Visualise yourself cruising down the freeway in your pink convertible with a pink pomeranian or poodle sporting the latest shade of cyber pink and a pink sapphire collar!!

The pinkest pooch in the province or perhaps or in the ‘plano-sphere’!

And the shade would be Paris Pink of course or Hollywood cerise.

So what is holding you back?

Are you afraid the colour police might cite you for a fashion infraction? Don’t worry as they are hopelessly misguided. Pink is not quite pre-historic but is already at risk of  becoming extinct due to this new pink panic.

Are you worried about the colour pink invading the other half’s life? Alas, do not fear. Have a well orchestrated plan. We must anticipate pink miscreant attacks from all quarters.

If or when he or she recoils at that divine pink blush shade you have spray painted your car with, insist he doesn’t know his primary colours.

Proclaim with great authority and conviction that it is ‘atomic tangerine’ not to be confused with ‘Tamarisk’, ‘Gypsy pink’ or some other obscure sounding exotic colour that he won’t have heard of.

Why? Because you made it up, but he will never know if you pull it off. 

Remind him that colour is really a very complex thing.

If that fails …a few tips…

Remind him if he hates pink that passionately, you will never make him borrow your car.

…that nobody would ever steal such a shockingly putrid pink car in a pink fit.

….that you will never ask him to walk your cat when she is wearing her pink collar on.

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