Penelope’s Pink Car & Pink Gadgets

February 3, 2007


Who could forget the cunning ingenuity of the stereotypical damsel in distress cum glamour girl racing driver extraordinaire, Penelope Pitstop, of the cartoon series Wacky Races fame!!A powerful force to be reckoned with, this femme fatale was the only female representing us in this all male motor car race.

Perched prettily in her dynamic sleek pink car, the Compact Pussycat, a veritable beauty salon on wheels, she powered her way to victory on more than one occasion, using a combination of Penelope prowess and beauty appliances.

Penelope used her manipulative skills, which were somewhat overdone, but would anyone suggest that men don’t? And whilst Penelope used powder puffs to baffle her opponents her male counterparts used dynamite and guns, much like their ancestors used clubs.

Perhaps not ironically, she was a very late addition to the show, being whipped up in the imagination of the producers in a marathon TWO HOURS!! I mean GO FIGURE!!

It took all of 7,200 seconds to ‘dream up’ this supposedly fictitious successful early day superwoman, a formidable, athletic master manipulator with an arsenal of weapons at her disposal.

Could it be that her creators were drawing on their real life experiences with women combatants?

I think Penelope would be very proud to own one of the new Pink Car Kits and other gadgets available on the market.

I wonder  what happened to the Compact Pussycat.

In the next instalment I shall invite Penelope on Pink Car Auction to get her personal take on all of this peurile pink poison being spread about pink pageantry and gadgetry

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