Pink Car Auction Lady Penelope’s Pink Car For Sale

February 5, 2007


I have been promising to get Penelope Pitstop onto Pink Car Auction for an interview, together with Miss Piggy, Barbie and other pink icons, completely overlooking important members of the pink motoring aristocracy……


I speak of Lady Penelope Creighton Ward, International Secret London Agent and Commander of the Federal Agent’s Bureau, known as The Thunderbirds.


Who could forget her chauffeur driven Pink Rolls Royce, FAB1, in which she was transported around  41 years ago.

 Being of the same generation, Penelope Pitstop and Lady Penelope are probably well acquainted, although I suspect  they moved in different circles.

 Lady Penelope spoke five languages, went to a private boarding school in Switzerland, by the looks of it charm and deportment school, and now gives advice on everything from fashion to how to tips on dealing with staff.   I wonder what is on Penelope Pitstop’s resume.

Disbelievers would have you believe that neither of them really exist.

 Lady Penelope has been widely and cruelly  dubbed a puppet, Penelope Pitstop an animation…..According to the cult classic, The Thunderbirds, Penelope wasn’t born until 2039, so she should be better preserved than her FAB1 Rolls Royce.  


How could an international icon, role model, and style guru be a puppet??

I trust that Lady Penelope knows her FAB 1 Rolls Royce car is being auctioned off on ebay, passed off as a Ford and still has no motor in the year 2007!!

The FAB1 which has undergone some refurbishment, is a car with 6 wheels, leather seats, headlights, but no engine or gear stick.

Word has it that Penelope is living in retirement, acting as a hostess, entertainer, and sometime success coach from her stately mansion, whilst enjoying her private yacht and racehorse.

Penelope has also released a ‘tell all’ book about her love interests……and…..hold your breath,  there is much more…the secrets of her style success

She imparts top secret information on colour co-ordination and the “power of pink“. Lady Penelope brazenly discloses trade secrets on beauty, fashion, how to keep your cool, and most importantly your hair looking FAB even in the face of explosives.

I wonder if the Intelligence Services are happy about this form of espionage she is engaging in.



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