Pink Car Smart Car Passion City Auto 61 696cc

February 5, 2007


For Micro urban legends, Gen Y++ and smart chics only. (mutually exclusive categories of course)

City slickers cruising down the streets  of Marseilles are sure to get a park in this little  dynamo.  Makes a lot of fiscal sense. Less fuel and parking  infringements. 

How much do those heavy metal chrome yank tanks guzzle?

Your colour IQ or inner colour voice, which  you are no doubt getting  more in  touch with by now, screams out ‘this is not garish’. It shouldn’t offend your more conservative sensibilities, at least compared to those popular punk passion pinks floating around. 

So here is a comparatively understated, sober,  agreeable  pink concept car, which won’t send you into sensory overload. Yet its not for the  faint hearted, and still appealing enough to satisfy the attention seeker. 

Automatic, coupe, brand spanking new, well 2006.  So last year!!

It even boasts a pink interior, which means another huge saving on decking out the interior in pink accessories.

This will set you back about 8.500 pounds.

For the guys who find it a bit gaudy, we have found a green one for you. neongreen.jpg

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