Pink Cars, Charities & the Nissan Micra C + C

February 9, 2007

In previous posts I have laboured the distinction between other gadgets like mp3 players and cars. On this occasion we are distinguishing the virtues of the charity pink mobile phone from the pink charity-mobile. Still suffering pink perplexity?


We all know that pink has become associated with charities, such as the Pink LG KG800 Chocolate known for it’s “colour madness” and it’s articularity. Articularity seems like a curious attribute to ascribe to a phone, but then again I’m not worth $500K a year as a marketing guru.


CafePress alone boasts an impressive 314 pink womens and ribbons charity designs.


If you’d been trying to figure it out, now you know why you pay an extra buck or forty for that pink pekingese pooch or those pink M&Ms when all the time you had been educated to think the red ones were the most valuable.


Following Nissan’s participation in the Breakthrough Breast Cancer campaign they have launched the limited edition Micra C+C, based on the 1.6 Sport with 16″ graphite coloured alloys, air conditioning, and C Views’ electrically folding glass roof. The roof is a two piece piece auto open roof. The Auto Open Roof, trade marked by Nissan, takes just 22 seconds to fold away in the boot.


As quick as opening your LG or Chloe handbag!!

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