Pink Cars, women and infidelity

February 10, 2007

There were rumours about rumours at Modded Mustangs that American Idol star Kelly Clarkson and her hot iridescent pink Mustang GT convertible, affectionately known as “Blush”, had parted ways, or to put it more bluntly that she had dumped her. (

Infidelity has been at the root of many a celebrity break up, but on this occasion it was suggested a whole team of men at Galpins Auto Sports had betrayed Kelly in the pinkest way. These pink miscreants had allegedly custom designed the car just for Kelly.

Having laboured under the cruel and painful misconception ‘Blush’ was uniquely Kelly Clarkson, Clarkson was confronted with the rude awakening that the Kelly-mobile was a mere clone of a car designed for ‘another woman’.

To make matters worse, the ‘other woman’ (as distinct from the car, and the other unfaithful team of men who designed her) was an adult film star called Alana Evans.

Hell hath no fury so the saying goes. Scorned and enraged, Clarkson went into a pink fit.

It was foreshadowed that this revelation might strain Clarkson’s alliance with Ford in their ‘Bold Moves’ campaign.

The campaign includes an online video documentary and reality TV program, taking viewers behind the scenes of the Ford Motor Company, into it’s history, the lives of it’s people and important decision makers, from executives to design engineers.

As the sponsor of her 24 hour city concert tours, Ford gives away a Ford-mobile to a fan at each stop along the tour.

Clarkson’s “Go” song is part of the inspiration for the steroid marketing campaign for the high powered cars. There is a twisted sense of irony in the “go” theme, given the tortured fate of “Blush”.

We are invited to consider whether the end of Clarkson and Blushs’ dalliance was more than fortuitous.

Clarkson was earmarked as Ford’s obvious choice to flaunt the new Shelby-Cobra Ford Mustang.

Has anyone seen Clarkson behind the wheel of the new 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra GT500?

Not being an avid follower of the fortunes and driving habits of American Idols, I don’t have the answers to these and other important questions.

But in the world of pink pageantry the rift raises important questions and has sent shockwaves through the pink motoring aristocracy, raising the spectre of a woman trading in her lover for a new model.

After all, the Shelby-Cobra Ford Mustang had a supercharged 500hp V8 motor, and borrows it’s looks from the 1968 GT500. Would you dump your car for a better performer who re-invented themselves?

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