Pink Car Tool Kit & marketing finesse

February 13, 2007

Shiny Shiny has demonised the ‘Pink Car Kit’ from, nominating it as belonging in the top 5 most ridiculous gadgets:

Surely the makers of this pink car kit don’t believe we can change a tyre or jump-start a car ourselves? Colour me surprised if they don’t think we would rather lean suggestively against our car on a lone highway, pushing the boobs out, hoping for an attractive young man to stop by to help us out? Why buy a pair of jump leads that’re bound to break after the first go, when you could get something unisex and of better quality for less than half the price of this Barbie set? I find this purely insulting, Boystuff!”

 These marketing gurus understand that not a lot has changed in our culture.

The whole point is for the tools to make us look more helpless, but its an optional extra, and like the Motorola V3, comes in a bonus pink.  Nobody is forcing you to buy it, use it, or swap it for the real tool set you keep in your boot.

These modern day Hollywood producers have skillfully brought back the imagery of the glamourous Southern belle Penelope Pitstop of Wacky Races fame, who played the damsel in distress.  

Penelope knew how to attract the  attention of the unsuspecting Peter Perfect, the stereotypical lantern jawed barrel chested  male in his frequently deflating turbo terrific ‘phallic-mobile’. No sooner had he come to Penelope’s rescue than she would be back on the road, and back in the race.   Its all a bit  of  a  game , and nobody is  forcing you to play.

 Boystuff have identified that this posturing is still part of  our culture, and these pitiful token looking tools, little more than glorified accessories, are a testament to this. They are a means to whatever end you wish to put them to.  Did you ever see Kylie Minogue, who played the female motor mechanic Charlene in Neighbours, use a pink battery charger to fix the cars she worked on???  Hopefully you didn’t see Neighbours at all, but I would guess she didn’t.

Any female flailing around trying to solve some real or imaginary dilemna with these pathetically inept gadgets, is bound to evoke the sympathy of the passerby.

Remember Penelope used her engine to bake a Turkey in, not just to win races.

The features of her beauty salon on wheels  always had a dual purpose which served her interests. If Penelope wanted a mobile phone,   I have a sneaking suspicion she would have opted for the Motorola Pink V3 or the LG pink Chocolate or nothing at all.

This is just a Barbie Set, and if you like the colour all the better. 

Just as the cliche Penelope used shampoo foam in the ‘Compact Pussycat’ (her beauty salon on wheels) to wash her hair, you may recall that it also  sprayed soap in the face of her competitors at convenient moments.

I bet you couldn’t change a tyre with one of these gadgets, but I’m sure they serve a dual purpose, even if they are just the modern equivalent of the fluted Coke bottle.

 The only thing that Boystuff overlooked were the false bottoms to put that mascara and spray tan in, and some hidden mirrors.

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