Pink Cars and the ebay challenge

February 13, 2007 have invited us to make a painful choice between two frightening examples of pink peurility, a furry pink car that looks like a tissue box holder on wheels, and a set of pink nails that would put Edward Scissorhands to shame.

I refuse to partake in a choice between the two, but would suggest that they do belong together.

Even an orangutan with pink nails this size would be skeptical enough to resist the temptation to look for fleas until this car gets a decent hair cut and a wax.  The flokati car  doesn’t really do anything special for me, except remind me of one of those men with hairy backs that used to scare me as a child.

 The car will never make it big time, and I can’t imagine any self respecting pooch being seen in it.

This car takes the pussycat cum furry dice theme a bit far.

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