Pink Car Auction. Ebay Corvette

February 15, 2007


At  we have a tip  off  on a future business opportunity.

I can see the potential for a Pink Corvette in this for the budget conscious buyer.  Or you could even  add a few extra layers to the skeleton and call  it anything you like. Who would know? 

Ebay will hopefully still be around by the time you finish your project, or my site will have bought them out.

By that time you or your ancestors will have created a Pink Da Vinci. 

You could post the before and after pictures (do the Jenny Craig thing), and by that time you will have your sponsors, created a character and legend around it, theme song, film, a literary masterpiece, and named  a baseball or footy team after it.

You’ll be building a future income stream for yourself, much like the Pink Panther with a generous capital sum plus ongoing royalties and licensing fees, merchandising.   

You could do a variation on the  Ford Bold Moves type reality TV theme, with a documentary on the trials and tribulations involved in rebuilding a ‘car’, assign the TV and film rights in advance to any station claiming to have a  long term future vision.

You could buy the naming rights to ‘’ from me. Every journey starts with the first step.

Only $1.50 US dollars, but you’d have to allow for exchange rates too.

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