Pink Car Soap

February 15, 2007


It is called “Pink Car Soap” for your pink car, yet another item for your pink car kit.

Pina Colada, Air Fresh Cherry, bubble gum, magic blue, liquid nail polish, yellow degreaser…are some of the other exotic car cleaning products produced by 3D. It costs 8.99, claims to dilute 200 to 1,  being so  concentrated and thick you only have to add one cup to FIVE GALLONS of water.

But it also comes in five gallon liquid containers  when you go to their website.  You would have to be a cleaning enthusiast to want the 5 gallon one, 25  gallons of fluid, and with stage3 water restrictions.

This is a true ‘keep our forests pink’ flavoured product, as the pink panther would say.

With these sumptuous ‘flavour descriptions’ and colours, you would have to be careful that nobody in the house  drunk  them.  Seriously, there have been product liability cases in the US where women used contraceptive gels orally.

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