The original pink panther car for sale on ebay

February 15, 2007


The original Pink Panther car is up for auction on ebay with bids starting at 75,000 pounds.

This immodest aerodynamic looking pink car mightn’t take you on calamatous high speed pursuits  around the fountains of Rome, despite having a seven litre engine and  only 10 miles on the odometer.

The car has been mainly used in promotions and special events,  attracting large crowds, presenting a valuable opportunity for the investor looking to generate supplementary income from hiring the car out to venues.
The vendor undertakes to assist a UK buyer in promoting pink panther adventures, being the holder of  licensing rights in relation to certain copyrights from MGM. 

The engine is in great condition and turns over well but the car hasn’t actually been driven!  The absence of lights, properly functioning brakes, and UK road regulations might pose compliance problems in taking it for a spin around the block. The winning bidder  could always just place it their living room as a conversation piece, as long as it is at least 23 ft long and 6  ft wide.

 The car is advertised as the “one and only truly original” which featured in the opening credits in the opening of each Pink Panther show in the 1960s, and was created by Hollywood builder Jay Ohrberg.

The bumbling buffoonish French detective Inspector Clouseau and the cartoon character the Pink Panther are completely different personas. One serendipitiously solved crimes, whilst the Pink Panther was a disarmingly groovy image conscious classy feline

The Pink Panther was the one that frustrated a photographer on a photo shoot in the National Park as he refused to donate  to the National Park’s Pink Panther welfare fund, and who spray painted pink a used car he once found which turned out to have a will of it’s own. You may recall Inspector Clouseau from his famous attempts to stop the Phantom fulfil his quest to steal from the rich to give to the rich.  

Clouseau’s crime investigations didn’t founder on account of his stupendous stupidity, his successes occurring through mishap rather than genius, which worked in his favour with remarkable consistency. Clouseau literally drove his Employer around the bend, who ended up straitjacketed in a sanitarium, his disintegration into madness punctuated by lucid intervals, lasting only during his Employee’s absence.

The pink panther was a punchy pink pussycat full of pink panache and pizazz, ever heroic, somewhat hapless, but always on some noble but slightly bizarre crusade.  Mischieveous and fashionably shady, the panther slinked around in perfect synch to his theme song, owned a talking weight control machine, and was never  seen at the beach without his inflatable muscles, weights and waterskis.

His escapades involved him in curious predicaments in surreal settings.

He saved seal pups threatened by polar bears and hunters, destitute plain looking maidens, abandoned infants, battled ghosts in haunted hotels, turned the lives of alcoholics around before sending them back into insobriety (‘pickled pink’) and championed the cause of tax relief in medieval Scotland rescuing a peasant from the dungeons of a tax collector (Pink-come tax).

He also had capitalist inclinations, occasionally showing his commercial ambitions,  eg as a self styled  pink panther pharmacist and marketer of pink health drink. Most of his businesses turned out to be pink elephants, and he was left scarred by an early encounter with the world of advertising, his health drink business ruined by a contrary rebellious green dot, an unslightly blight on his otherwise pink advertising board which insisted on remaining green. It  squirted fluid at the panther, causing the panther to turn green,  being forced to drink his  own health drink to restore himself  to his former pink glory.

Unfavourable circumstances also foiled his other plans, a persistent genetically modified fruit fly being at the core of his failed apple orchard, whilst two hungry crows plundered his otherwise prosperous corn vending stand.

His ‘human’ foibles exposed a dark, sometimes malevolent side to his character, when he inflicted revenge on those who crossed him or proved menacing, his fairy godmother amongst his victims for giving him a pair of roller skates with unpredictable wheels. In other instalments, the  Panther laid claim to inventing the first wheel, subsequently opposing this innovation, foreshadowing the harm it would eventually do to society. This panther had a conscience, which tormented him after he indulged in wicked acts, and his failures never flowed from a lack of honourable intentions. Rather conditions conspired against the luckless cat. 

Intent on painting the world pink, he was in perpetual conflict with unobliging people who dared to defy his global pink blueprint. His home improvement projects were abject failures which miscarried due to misfortune and obstruction from those who didn’t share his pink vision. His only victory  in the battle of the pink paint brush occurred in his debut academy award winning ‘pink phink’ episode where he successfully transformed everything in a house pink, after which the sky and the sun turned to pink. Hysteria overcame the painter with blue intentions for the house unable to keep up with the racy panther and his replacement pink paint brush. The pink panther opportunistically claimed the house as his own.

In one instalment he  discovers a magic wand dropped by a drunk witch and wields it to improve an impoverished girl’s station in life. The promise for her salvation from squalor lay in transforming her from an unkempt plain jane into a ravishing beauty with a gorgeous dress just in time for a dance at which she would meet handsome eligible bachelor Pelvis Presley who was destined to change her life. 

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