Ebay pink mobile auction

February 18, 2007


No, this is not a new shade of pink. 

Ebay aren’t fussy about the shade of pink they allow on their auction sites, and pink censorship would detract from the rich pink spectrum of products available on their auction site.

This is about Mobile eCommerce (Mcommerce), the next big thing, next to pink, well its probably bigger, and is hardly passe or a passing fad.   

Atseta Inc have a special Sell it Mobile ebay edition comprehensive mobile auction tool for the seller of pink mobiles, automobiles, gadgets, barbies.

Go to www.sell-it-mobile.com, and check it out.  This company was the first out of the starting gates for online sellers, and this auction tool allows you to create and manage your pink auctions on ebay using your  mobile phone from anywhere.

Sell it mobile provides the solution to millions of ebay sellers needing easier ways to sell online without having to be in front of their PC, and streamlines the whole auction process which is delivered on your mobile. So you will no longer need multiple devices, digital cameras, laptops and broadband Internet with this solution.

But there are still some great bargains on such products available on ebay 🙂

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