Mary Kay Pink Cadillac

February 18, 2007


Mary Kay Pink


Pink Cadillacs awarded to Mary Kay queen Sales Directors, in one of the best known corporate award programs in  America, are not just white sedans with a couple of coats of aftermarket pink. Pale pearl Pink was originally a colour specially developed by General Motors and Mary Kay.


The story is that Mary Kay Ash who founded the company bought her first Pink Cadillac back in 1968 and wanted a car that was painted the same shade of pink as her make up compact.


Mary, who built a global empire starting with $5,000 of her life savings, walked into a pink cadillac dealer in Dallas pulled out her compact and demanded the same colour as her “Mountain Laurel” pink blush.  She was soon rewarding her  star earners 1970 model Pink Cadillac coupe de villes trophies on wheels for their achievements.  

But both the car and the shade  of pink has been updated six times and evolved from the original  bubble gum pink to a pearlescent shade.


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