Pink Car Ambitions

February 18, 2007

lemonade_stand.jpgI think the word is officially out.

Pink is the new black.

 Yes, jet pink! Pink that you can see in the ‘pink of the night’. Out of the pink (sic blue) pink widgets and gadgets are presented to us in copious quantities.

So develop a pink catchcry like ‘gone with the pink’ a la Scarlet O’Hara. One  must have a theme, a story, a legend….you get my drift…

Pink is the marketing strategy for the budding entrepreneur.

So think pink, but more importantly ‘think before you pink’.  The hand can be pinker than the eye. (Pink Panther).  Everybody is doing pink, so you have to outpink them.

So what will your pink business be? Pink Taxis, pink limousines, pink car auction sites, gadgets, colour therapy, pink poodles?

How about a pink lemonade stand?

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