Retro Rocker Pink Cabriolet Car.

February 18, 2007

 The Guidecraft Children’s Retro Rocker Pink Cabriolet G51098 is a classic; the next best thing to the real thing, measuring 40″ in length, 22.5″ in height and 19.75″ in width, and is the next best thing to the real thing.  It retails for 269.98 GBP.

This is an heirloom, and is built to last, being beautifully crafted from quality maple and birchply with plastic  mouldings. This timeless rocking toy is the perfect gift for your little princess, and is stable, sturdy and child safe.

 Just looking at it makes you feel a little indulgent, so don’t be ashamed if you want one for your living room. It is reminiscent of those charming little rocking horses from a bygone era, and could be used as a conversation piece.

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