Technogadget exposes truth about Pink Car Kit

February 18, 2007

Technogadget, a SENIOR trendhunter, software developer, “healthfulness” writer, technology enthusiast and “trend submitter” exposes the truth about the much maligned Pink Car kit from

“for your information this is not a make up kit, this is actually a car kit….a versatile one…it will help keep you moving on those cold winter mornings…. ”…

as reported by

So now we have the truth from an independent objective third party reviewer.

As has pointed out this Pink Car kit was probably aimed at the ladies or the man who likes pink.

A dynamic company like, in keeping with their non-discriminatory policies, would no doubt honour any orders placed for ‘blue’ Pink car kits, subject of course to stock availability.

Neither “Pinkfulness” or other “healthfullness” bloggers have yet responded to the latest revelation from Technogadet and Gadgetstorm, which appears to have left the pink pundits reeling as to what is real in the surreal pink car kit industry.

Neither is it known whom the above statement was directed at, although speculators in the pink futures market believe it could be you the consumer.

Once again the consumer’s capacity for independent thought has been underestimated. Only a consumer afflicted by pink psychosis could possibly conceive of this pink car kit as a make up kit.

Which begs the question what could have provoked technogadget or trendhunter to think inhabitants of the pink planosphere would give any credence to such a suggestion.

It is recalled however that Shiny shiny, in an act of pink miscreant-cy or “miscreantfullness”, had made some poignant remarks which trend-spitters believed may have caused pinkadelics to question whether this was just another example of pink pop culture pedestrianism from the craptastic plastic brigade.

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