Pink car cow seat covers & my pink cash cow

February 19, 2007


 pinkcowcarseatcovers.jpg Seat car covers don’t usually catch my eye, and when I do I overlook them. Perhaps it’s because I feel like a big pink fresian cow now.


The problem is I have a red 1995 Hyundai, not a Toyota Corolla, but according to the website Design Covers, the ebay store, can custom fit your vehicle. But alas, they are in the States.

I’ll have to continue to work on my pink car, pink house and pink bootie ambitions first, and that won’t happen serendipitously or by stumbling upon some pink cash cow.

I shall infuse myself daily with inspiration from pink legends like Lady Thunderbird completing my daily pink chants.

Lady Penelope and other ladies, particularly those with big hair, and a penchant for pink will guide me towards salvation.

Speaking of which I had neglected to make mention of Barbara Cartland, the famous romance writer, who I understand has also flirted with pink.

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