Pink Car tyre glove kit looking jaundiced

February 19, 2007


Tyre Glove Spare Wheel Changing Protection Kit


GB Driver, the passionate purveyor of pink car accessories, is featuring a product that is a rather yellowish shade of pink. Depending on your colour perspective I’d rate this as in the yellow hue.


No complaints with the concept. Your tyre is in need of a cover just as much as your beloved Ipod, and every woman brave and bold enough to change her own tyre deserves to protect her outfit.


The stated purpose of this cover is to change your tyre during an emergency beside the road, or at home, and to stop you getting dirty.


But it isn’t pink gear, so what is this yellow leper doing on the pink feature page!!


I surmised that it might be pink for safety reasons. After all, this explains why the controversial pink car kit from includes an item with red and black, the battery charger. Pink functionality!!! .


But if I were this lady featured in the advertisement changing my tyre I would probably need a neon yellow jacket as the unattentive motorist would probably hit me before my outfit became smeared with grease. So that smashes that theory.


If you changing your tyre because of an emergency beside the road, or even at home; one thing thats certain is you are going to get dirty! Worse still, moving your greasy old wheel into the boot of your car without marking the carpet, trim or your own clothing is almost impossible. Well here is a simple yet extremely effective soloution featuring a specially designed, elasticated and heavy duty wheel and tyre cover.”

The ‘Tyre Glove’ changing kit comprises of:

• Emergency Tyre Cover
• Compact storage pouch
• Kneeling mat
• Tyre changing instructions
• Protective gloves
• A clean towelette

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