Pink Car VW gone over to the dark side??

February 19, 2007


This car has grown horns, as you can see more clearly in the link displayed above.

Since the VW love bug hit the road in 1955 it has been celebrated in the cinema and music industry, establishing and re-establishing itself.  Few would disagree that it  has become an icon.  But what does it stand for?

The beetle has long been associated with romance, hence the term “the love bug” and the association with flower power.

 The VW has gone through a lot of evolution since it started out as “people’s car” and I doubt this is part of their corporate vision. It  is probably unlikely to become a standard for a pink taxi service.

One Response to “Pink Car VW gone over to the dark side??”

  1. James Says:

    I hate to point out the obvious… but thats not a VW…. its a KA!!

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