Panther Pink painted 1971 Dodge auction ebay

February 20, 2007

dodge.jpg 1970 Dodge Challenger RT in Panther Pink up for auction on ebay with a starting bid of $25,000US by ARS Promotions.


Panther pink is a colour that was discontinued after the 1970’s.


As I have commented before, subtlety is an artform, but this colour pink was one of the “high impact” colours that Chrysler had for their cars when their creativity reached new heights with wild colours and bizarre names like “Top Banana”, “Curious Yellow”, “Sub-lime”. There was  a “Penta Magenta” colour around too, similar to “panther pink” but there are differences, highlighting the importance of knowing your pink paints.


A word of warning. Don’t get too close without your shades on when inspecting the colour, as it could hurt your eyes. Imagine a gigantic Motorola V3 hot pink.

We know that paint can be toxic if inhaled, but it does hold all kinds of dangers, especially for those prone to pink psychosis. It could send you into pink psychedelia, and we must remember what happened to the alcoholic the Pink Panther rescued from drunken oblivion. He thought he was hallucinating once sober and confronting the pink panther, which colour this paint is based on.

Having taken in the vagrant panther, the alcoholic having been cured by the feisty feline,  fell straight off the bandwagon in coming to terms with this sight, preferring  insobriety.

But whatever your pink poison as the saying goes…..

If you like this, remember that Chrysler paint codes are three character letters and numbers and the code for this paint is FM3 for Dodges, but Chrysler also did colours for non standard cars too, so consult your colour charts. You can get some of these paints from Dupont an other paint dealers.


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