Boy born in pink cadillac without pink car kit

February 21, 2007

How many babies could claim that they were born in a Mary Kay Pink Cadillac to a Mary Kay Star Beauty Consultant, and chauffered home in one?

For pink pundits this incident raises important questions for the politically correct pink planosphere.

How appropriate is it for a baby boy in the new millenium to be seen in the pink in a pink cadillac, let alone start out his life in one?

Had the expectant mother been equipped with all of the necessary emergency precautions such as the pink car kit from, would this have assisted?

Should be confronted as to why they didn’t foreshadow the contingency of a baby being born in pink cadillac, particularly a mary k one, when designing their emergency pink car kit?

Would it have been politically or legally correct for to have catered for this event within their emergency accessory tool kit, given the gender discrimination issues they might face in the UK in serving male and female unborns and expectant parents?

For those convinced the boy is off to a bad start in life, would the emergency pink car kit’s presence have added to the ostracism from pink infidels intent on ruining the global pink blueprint?

BTW Congratulations on the greatest triumph of any woman’s life Shonda.

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