Pink VW 8 buggy??

February 21, 2007

Earlier in the week autoblog featured a speculative sketch of the next generation volkswagen, provoking an unfavourable response from commentators unhappy with it’s design. Many expressed resentment towards VW executives for pandering to the female market and their penchant for jellybean cars.

The image also came out in a bright orange colour which commentators could also see as an omen, particularly given the fact that Barbie occasionally resorted to driving a funky orange volkswagen (on as ‘as needed’ basis).

There was a car up for auction on ebay that conforms more with their expressed preferences, which VW executives may consider looking at as a possible prototype for their 2008 model

It even doesn’t come with a life size barbie doll, and can be viewed at the link provided below. Amongst it’s many advantages is that it will get you reliably from point A to point B for only $11.50US, and according to the vendor is made to last.

“……Toddlers love to be pushed around in this great buggy. There is a trunk that they also love to open and close and store their favorite friend or anything their little heart desires…..”

The boot is in the right place, but perhaps it sends the wrong message in terms of the potential uses of the storage space for VW enthusiasts.

There is also a risk the push around bar could inadvertently memorialise the VW’s perceived shortcomings.

You can find it at

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