Barbie Pink Nissan Figaro & Micra C+C

February 22, 2007

The Nissan Figaro first debuted at the Tokyo motor show in 1989, the renaissance classic styling being based on the 50’s car and borrowed from the Nissan Micra, otherwise known as the ‘super mini’.

It was produced in 1991 as part of the Pike series of retro style designs released by Nissan between 1987 and 1991. When drivers sit behind the wheel they are transported back in time. The car has a noticeably quirky look and an oversized steering wheel. Only 20,000 were produced and the demand was huge. Although it ceased production in 1992 there are still many on the roads in Europe.

This car stands out from the crowd, and is renowned for attracting affectionate responses, so it should also prove to be a good insurance policy against road rage.

It has a 1950 retro body style, with lots of chrome charm, and is loaded with fun, charm and personality. It has a one litre charged engine, three speed automatic gearbox, power steering, electronic windows.

Originally produced in Japan, these cars are becoming really popular in the UK thanks to UK auto suppliers importing and selling them in certain fashionable trendsetting places sensitive to their European styling. Enquiries about Figaros emanate from all over the globe. Its a great car to import as it has lots of character and effortlessly excites intrigue.

The interior is also retro with instruments harking back to the nostalgic 50’s, and the CD/radio is retro styled. It sports an all leather interior and canvas roll down retractable roof.

Although Nissan have a range of colours like Baby Blue, Emerald green and topaz mist, they claim to be specialists in the Barbie Pink Nissan Figaro, introducing it in the UK in the late 1990s.

At the following website you can see the customisation and refurbishment of a Nissan Figaro.
The exterior and interior are stripped before being refurbished, undergoing the ultimate pink treatment.

Enter the pink Nissan Micra C+C, a must for pink fashionistas.

It is already one of the popular coupes and chevrolets seen on the streets of Europe, amongst the Micra Initia, Micra C+C Ubris.

A picture of the pink barbie Micra C+C is found at

This is my all time favourite.

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