Selling photos of your pink car

February 22, 2007

Do you think the images of your pink car represent saleable internet content?

Would you consider selling them on the internet via Flickr and Yahoo if they adopted a similar model to istockphoto, and the price your pink rembrandt fetched got you out of the proverbial pink (or red)?

Istockphoto are selective when it comes to approving images, they have a different market, and require verification of ownership of copyright to avoid infringement. Their policy also prohibits the display of any visible trade marks.

Don’t think that altering or defacing your VW logo on your pink VW beetle to CA will avoid this problem, as it will get you into more strife.

Logistically it would be difficult for Yahoo to screen every image submitted to them for such infringement.

Companies and their advertising team already scour the internet for decent images, and have been known to approach creators with offers to buy their content.

Whether you choose to accept offers depends on your philosophy, the need for money and whether you are obligated under a particular type of licence, whether copyright or creative commons which prohibit you doing so.

Under Australian copyright law authors also have moral rights in their photos which you can’t waive, but they may be assigned, as long as it’s not under duress.

So start thinking about the value of your pink car photos. You might want to check out a site called a new start up in California, where users submit their photos for either sale or to share. The submissions are organised around themes, the theme at the moment being nature.

You could always contact them and put in a suggestion for a pink car theme, but perhaps not this month as it might clash. (unless it was an electric car or a pink panther)

I noted they have aleady done blue, so cry colour discrimination if they reject your pink theme.

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