Tickled pink at Pickles Car Auction

February 22, 2007

Looking everywhere for that pink car of your dreams?

Pickles Auctions has been going since 1974 and has established itself as the largest private motor vehicle auction company in Australia, with remote online car auctions in addition to onsite auctions occurring at various branches around Australia.

They have even branched out into computer auctions, and now include in their classic car auctions items such as die cast models, enamel signs and other memorabilia.

Their motor vehicle auctions include government auctions, repossessions, classic and prestige car auctions and damaged vehicles auctions.

Timetables are available for forthcoming auctions so you can find out when and where the auction is being held by viewing the by viewing their catalogue or registering for product alerts depending on what you are after. Using the quick search function you can search for car by model and make, and subscribe to the alerts for that car.

There are plenty of good reasons to buy a car at an auction, but as with any auction you have to be careful. You can get yourself a bargain. Both the initiated and uninitiated can get caught up in the excitement of the motor vehicle auction, with the average car auction lasting for 1-2 minutes. There are perils associated with buying cars, whether at online or offline auctions, and you have to pre-register just to ensure you are legally entitled to buy. The case of the three year old ‘inadvertently’ buying a fancy pink Barbie Nissan Figaro is a case that should continue to provoke not just amusement, but also engage some serious debate. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/lincolnshire/5379930.stm.
Who could blame a 33 year old for pushing the button, let alone a three year old?

I remember my brother buying an old Australia Post van that lasted a long time, and was great value. It would make a beeping sound when it reversed, and was quite old. He either got lucky or did his homework

Its a good idea, as with any auction, to familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions, the atmosphere of the auction, and do your research. Inspect the vehicle you want to buy prior to the auction as vehicles are sold as is. Read the advertisements for the car carefully but have someone with you who knows about cars.

In Victoria, vehicles are sold at Pickles with both pink and blue slips, pink being inspection reports for registered cars, blue for unregistered.

You can register to bid at their next auction by checking out the website at http://www.pickles.com.au

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