VW Beetle Barbie on Hello Kitty’s tail

February 22, 2007

The Volkswagen Beetle Barbie not a mexican mirage.

Just when you thought that Mitsubishi Hello Kitty was ahead of the race, Barbie is hot on her trail having staged an heroic comeback.

The VW hot pink Beetle Barbie is available through exclusive dealers (on both an exclusive and non-exclusive basis) to the anthromorphically perfect and imperfect quintessential entitlement queen, as long as you have the $24K to spare, and as long as stocks last. Having been released on September 9, with only 13 available in Mexico, you might be outta luck. So it may be back to your own sweatshop with your can of hot pink paint.

Even your ‘Ken’ would approve of this investment, a car whose lug nuts are crafted fashionably in pink, although there is a conspicuous lack of any mention of pink pistons.

The car is adorned with Barbie logos, and is awash with pink accents. Whilst there is no mention of pink pistons, you can kick back and listen to ‘I am a barbie girl’, although its not compulsory.

Check out the pictures at:


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