Pimping pink designer rabbits in pink cars

February 23, 2007

The latest pink must have accessory/gadget is a celebrity inspired pink designer rabbit at 500 to 700 pounds a pop, delivered in a chauffer driven air conditioned pink car, probably with a pink rabbit moniker.

Kerry Katona is promoting the launch of a firm ‘Orkney Celebrity Pink Rabbit Suppliers’, falsely packaging these rabbits as “naturally” vitamin infused serendipitous pink wonders.

Lady Penelope Creighton Ward, patron saint of Pink car auctions, has denounced this packaging of peurile pink pop culture as the most serious form of pink marketing perversion.

The international style guru says had she ingested large amounts of beta carotene alone as an expectant mother, not only would her diet have been imbalanced, but her skin would have have taken on a nasty shade of orange.

She is against inflicting this on any new born creature, suggesting that Kerry K refrain from characterising these poor rabbits as “wonderful” orange products of nature. Besides, those old beta carotene tanning products made women’s hands look badly nicotine stained.

Penelope Pitstop of Wacky Races fame, in a rare public appearance, admits she used her ‘compact pink’ in unfair ways, but would never have resorted such tragic tactics to win any race, and holds concerns for the mental health of Katona. She suggested that Katona and her progeny may have been on the inorganic variety of pink pills too long

Andrea Winders, spokesperson for Pink Ladies, the firm that has taken over the franchise to market the animals claims that

“The rabbits are a result of a wonderful accident and I can assure you they are not dyed but actually born with the pink coat. They make the perfect pet. We will deliver the bunnies in chauffer driven, air conditioned, pink cars”. http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2-2007070826,00.html

They are being fed not on a vitamin but on beets and calling them “born pink” is nothing more than a clever marketing game. Marketing them as serendipitously pink vitamin baby rabbits makes it seem as if they are not being tampered with.

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