Think offers practical solution for electric car

February 23, 2007

Long lasting battery technology is one of the major obstacles to the practicality of the electric car. Think of what better battery technology will do to the laptop industry?

Some say that its inconvenient for people to charge their cars. Its also inconvenient to pull into a gas station. At the moment you can still get a decent driving range without having to recharge.

But a Norwegian company called Think have come up with a fantastic solution, battery leasing, and is backed by venture capitalists to the tune of $25 million dollars. They hope to raise a further $50 million.

The car will be released in the US in 2008, and consumers would lease the batteries from a company called Think Nordic who replace batteries that fail.

The wide availability of electricity, it’s affordability and ease of distribution compared to hydrogen fuel cell powered cars, makes it the preferred choice. Environmentally friendly, and more economical, leading to lower road taxes.

More affordable electric cars are estimated to be between 3-5 years away, such as the Lotus and the Tesla.

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