2008 Playboy Pink Mustang

February 24, 2007

mump_0611_12w_s1966_pink_mustangdriving_front.jpgThe Pink Mustang is one of the most popular pink cars around, capturing the hearts and imaginations of the public, never failing to look great in it’s pink skin.  Take this 1966 Pink Mustang, soft and alluring.  http://www.mustangmonthly.com/featuredvehicles/mump_0611_1966_tussy_pink_mustang/

Ford is preparing to release the Boss, Shelby GT, Mach1, and the only painful task for consumers is likely to be how to settle on their preferred choice. 

2008 is likely to see the return of the 1967 sentimental and magical iconic playboy pink shade.

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