Pink Cadillac mania

February 24, 2007

Just when I thought I’d seen it all, I came across the Illy Francis in Pink, “The pink cadillac of coffee makers”, with an accompanying espresso pod and DVD (presumably in pink) to make “an idiot proof espresso”.

The prevalence of pink cadillac paraphernalia is disturbing to the pinkest psyche, with pink cadillac sofas, earrings, decals, phones, and other consumer items. I can hear “Boys in Summer” singing “I saw a dead end sticker on a cadillac”….

It is refreshing to know that searches have failed to locate any pink cadillac urinals or pink cadillac greenbacks.

Your idiot proof espresso can be ordered from, with part proceeds going to breast cancer. Idiot proof pink cadillac espresso machines are a meritorious cause too in and of themselves.

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