Pink project Volkswagen 1967 sedan makeover

February 24, 2007

0407vwt_01s1967_volkswagen_beetlerear_driver_side.jpgThe pink car world would be rather bland if there were no pink custom VWs on the road.

Take this pink project, that started out as nothing but a dilapadated shell. The final product was due to the effort, passion and creativity of enthusiast Tim Case

  Ingenuity and passion transformed this 67 sedan, which cost a meagre $300 into a finely crafted automobile combining various features skilfully to produce something really unique.

It has some quirky features, like an oval window, combined with a sliding sunroof,  four and a half inch chopped top and wider than normal wheels, imbuing it with character and panache.  Coated in alluring hot pearl pink a result like this makes a custom painted modified car all worthwhile.

Another older VW, this time a 69, also looks stunning.


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