Green dilemna for web 2.0 start ups

February 25, 2007

Tech companies like Megastart, Photobucket, and Facebook, all valuable commodities in the social networking market, confront a similar dilemna as reported at the ripe old age of 22, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of, has already knocked back takeover bids involving lots of green back from players like Yahoo.

Zuckerberg was behind the development of the Synapse media player which became famous for its capacity to predict user’s music preferences based on their past selections.

This technology, part of the broader online recommendation services market, allowed users to have their preferences ‘honestly’ dictated to them, rather than by some third party or piece of patented recommendation software.

To the average Aussie this is the equivalent of a more honest robotic trusted third party product reviewer like Brand Power.

With faceback opting to retain it’s independence and hold off selling out prematurely, their sales price may look even healthier in the next couple of years as they build their community and user bases.

The phenomenal growth in prices paid for these types of startups is reminiscent of the frenzy associated with dot com era, when start ups commanded astronomical prices.

Yahoo and Microsoft are keen to get a slice of the huge market and advertising opportunities on offer.

In an aside to this instalment, there are some striking parallels between this young whiz kid extraordinaire and the Pink Car Auctionista team, which cannot or will not go unmentioned.

The team at Pink Car Auction are about to build on the community theme by forging bonds between like minded members of the pink motoring planosphere, to exchange their pink epiphanies on cars and other pink paraphernalia. An auction site is the vision, involving amazonian pink purchasing circles throwing their bids into the ring for the latest pink commodity, whether grounded or on wheels. is coming soon to a town near you. The similarities end there for, whilst Zuckerberg left Harvard at a tender age to raise a couple of billion dollars, the Pink Car Auctionistas are at the start of a rapid wind down in age, their billion dollar alliance with Gates being foiled in a cruel twist of fate, when an auctionista became trapped in a revolving door at a University in a land down under, failing to emerge in time to see the ink dry on the deal,

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