ebay auction Pink Nissan exa 1988 hatch

February 25, 2007


Reclaim the streets in this Nissan Exa. The paint job is intriguing, and its unclear whether this P plate driver could have intended their dream pink car to represent a symbol of anti-capitalist protest. Pink Silver was a group originally formed in Prague in 2000, and mobilised against the IMF and the World Bank

The bidding starts at $3K AUS for this 1988 Nissan Exa 2dr manual hatch, which boasts an intriguing silver to pink metallic paint job and black bonnet. The paint job is a three layer pearl pink paint job, and the car has candy apple black 17″ wheels, a 1.8 litre engine and is registered till June 2007.

Nissan Exa’s are an attractive little car. Whilst surfing I found this 1987 resprayed  Nissan Exa which is proudly named Sarah’s Nissan Exa “Pinkie”.


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