Shocking pink car for ‘first lady of the V8s’

February 25, 2007


 By the age of 21 Julia Huzziff was a hard core pink car racing  junkie, but the thrill of racing has always been in her blood. For her 21st birthday she got a bright pink Holden Commodore, and this racing chick has sported some equally wild shades of hair, including bright white on one side and jet black on the other.


Her father Dave Huzziff has been into racing all his life, and noted how Julie loved anything on wheels from an early age, even a wooden cart that he made for her when she was a little girl out of an ironing board. Since first putting her foot on the pedal, she has been addicted to racing.


She is a self confessed speed junkie, and the only female driver in the Motor Sports V8 Premier Class in New Zealand driving against the top male drivers in the country. Her bright pink Holden Commodore is hard to miss in the V8 Touring Car race, and its evident that Julie is a young woman who likes contrasting colours and experimenting with design. When asked about her passion for racing cars, she talks of the adrenaline rush and the knowledge that she is the only female contender in an all male race, the prospect of beating the boys only adding to the excitement.


Her other passion is graphic design, and she has a Bachelor in Visual Arts from the Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki, majoring in computer graphics. She recalls the themes in her graphic design routinely revolving around cars, and it seemed natural that she would combine her love of graphic design and racing in pursuit of her career.


As well as being a successful racing car driver, she has her own business selling nutritional products, a legion of adoring fans and designs everything from road signs and cars to her own line of pink T-shirts. Her twin addiction to graphic design and racing manifests itself in her shocking pink Holden Commodore V8 with fluorescent green sponsor graphics and a florrid yellow interior. In choosing the colour pink, she recounts how she went to a paint shop with her dad and mixed up a lot of different shades of pink.


And as with the colours in her hair, she likes to play around with the colours of her car, adding touches and flourishes.

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