Nissan Figaro

February 27, 2007

Classic Nissan Figaro

The Nissan Figaro  rates high on the charm barometer and started life as a Japanese car in 1989 before Britain fell in love with the car.  Debuting at the Tokyo Motor Show it was based on the Nissan Micra.  The car was initially available in only four colours,  representing the four seasons.

The topaz mist colour that was least popular among the general public initially but became the most popular colour.

It’s Japanese designer won an design award for the car, the retro design bearing a resemblance to the 1960s Datsun.

This is a classical Japanese car that continues to inspire classical car enthusiasts.  It’s luxurious amenities include leather seats, CD player, open roof and air conditioning.  Only 20,000 models were made since the car went into production in 1991.

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