The value of classic and vintage mustangs is soaring,  and Carroll Shelby’s design and engineering contributions aren’t hurting the growing fan base. Auctions raise six figures,  amongst mustang enthusiasts and those developing a love affair with the Mustang.

The retro restyling of the Mustang by Ford in 2005 has increased the legion of passionate fans.

Ford’s resurrection of some of the  flamboyant colours of the nostalgic sixties era is sure to attract many more fanatics.

For the authoritative source on Mustang timeline check out this link

The 5.5-liter V-8 engine SL550, with 382hp at 6000rpm, made it’s debut at the Geneva show in Switzerland in March 2006.

Following the successful launch of the S-class, the elegant new CLs, borrowing some design cues from the S-class, are the epitome of design elegance.

Pictured below is the CL550 in hot pink/magenta/fuschia. The coupe  exudes an unmistakeable air of  sporty luxury. You and all around you will know you have ‘arrived’.


Positively stunning.

Read a review of the Mercedes Benz SL550 here from CNet.

It has a retractable hard top roof which operates with the aid of a flap situate on the console, folding up in only 15 seconds.

Classic mini for sale

March 27, 2007


Classic Mini 1000 1973 for auction

The revolutionary and distinctive two door mini is considered a cultural icon and the ultimate fashion statement. Keenly sought by classic car enthusiasts, these two 1973 Mini 1000’s are sure to generate interest.

At the forthcoming BCA classic and historic sale, this 1973 Mini 1000 is sure to generate interest, in Harvest Gold with green trim, to original specification. MOT certificates prove its only done 33,000 miles.

BCA deals in specialist auctions for the connossieurs and collectors of historic vehicles

Or there is this galaxy blue 2 door coupe which has been lavishly restored on trademe.