Pink number plate perversion

March 2, 2007


Personalised number plates are a way of distinguishing oneself. 

The penchant for all things pink has given rise to a plethora of pink gadgets, car paints, car accessories and personalised number plates such as the one pictured here, the hot pink and slimline white writing “SSDIVA”, marketed as being perfect for any girl’s SS commodore.

However, in the US a different kind of personalised promotional product is being developed, intended to send a message to others,  of the type of person you are, based on the colour of your number plate.  This modern day form of ‘branding’ is a different variety of differentiating oneself, but one that has been notorious throughout the history of mankind. Pink car plates for sex offenders had been previously proposed elsewhere in the world. I guess that would be another good reason not to borrow the prized pink mobile.

Lawmakers in Ohio now want sex offenders to sport a fluroscent green number plate so that they can be more easily identified.  Other US states require convicted drunk drivers to use red, yellow, or pink.

Whether or not you agree with the proposal, it does cause you to wonder what will be next, and affirms my conviction that labels were meant for soup cans not people?  Coloured number plates for asylum seekers (probably not necessary in detention), or suspected terrorists?……Surely we will run out of colours in the  colour spectrum, although I fear the number of labels society will come up with will be limited only by the imagination.  Society is blinded by labels.    

The ‘SS’ part of the otherwise appealing number plates pictured above, take on a more ominous quality when viewed of in this light.

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