Pink Toyota Echo Hello Kitty overdose

March 2, 2007


This freaky pink Toyota Echo awash with random florrid Hello Kitty iterations inspired feelings of revulsion in many.  Concerns were also expressed for the welfare of this executive, thought to be in need of some respite.

The pink fashion police always seem to be busily engaged in citing pink car owners for their so called infractions, and stigmatising them by characterising their pink aberrations as a form of insanity.  We would probably all agree that subtlety is an artform, and that tattoo artists should stick to human bodies. 

The colour of the car itself is very pinkylicious, and I don’t find anything particularly offensive about it, and although somewhat corrupted,  this doesn’t fall into the pink homicide or suicide league.

I think the litmus test is whether or not riding in this little gem would scare kiddies.  Judging from the Pink Kitty Taxi Cabs operating in Japan, although it may offend the sensibilities of some adults, predictably predominantly male, I don’t think you’d get many complaints from the children.  hellokittygraffiti1.jpg

Check it out further at

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