Wedding in antique pink cadillac

March 2, 2007


Do you want a ceremonious wedding fit for a princess in an antique pink limousine service?

There are hundreds of romance wedding cars and limousine services.

You want that  special day of intimacy to be memorable and beautiful. 

You want the creme de la creme of classic cars,  one which exudes elegance, romance and charm.  You should arrive in nothing less than a luxury classic vintage car with character and romantic nostalgia.

You want the limousine of all limousines, with your own personal chauffeur, whether your wedding bash is a grand affair in town square or a discreet cottage garden wedding surrounded only by a few intimate friends.  

You could choose one of those decadent and quaint 1930’s inspired classic cars that are always meticulously manicured, or the traditional horse and carriage.

If you aren’t into either of the above and find the modern stretch limo look a bit pedestrian,  this flagship 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 75 may be the choice for your pink champagne wedding affair.

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