Pink Phone mobile PMS!!

March 4, 2007


Here at Pink Car Auction, coming soon to a town near you, we know that owning a pink mobile phone or a pink car is a bit like having a pet pink gerbera.

You want it to be the real dinky dye pink. You want to get the colour just right.

For the pink fashionista who insists on nothing less than consistency in everything pink, from your hair to your phone, gone are the days of being just another pink cliche in the pink revolution.

The authoritatively pink don’t suffer from pink ideation or identity crisis.

We know you know who you are!!

We know when making your pink statement, you don’t need pink preachers turning you into another pathetic pink pawn in this new dawn of pink porn pedalling.

Enter the graphically industry standard ‘pink mobile solution’, (based on the Pantone match system), with it’s promise of pink fidelity.

The pink think tank at Softbank Mobile has teamed with Pantone to release the Sharp 812SH.

Polling well with pink purist, there is a notable lack of pink embellishments, rhinestones, faux pearls, quilted textures, or diamonds encrusted in the external casing of the Softbank mobile.

For the pink Paris glam bling brigade there are still plenty of pink R&D dollars being invested in the kaleidescope of pink gadgets and platitudes to satisfy your penchant for pink

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