The real pink panther car

March 4, 2007


Autobianchi Bianchina 500 Cabriolet 1965


 This was Inspector Clousseau’s original car in the Pink Panther movie, rather than the rocket styled jet auctioned on ebay.


More expensive than Fiats, they had fibreglass bodies and front wheel drives. Famous models included the A112 released 1969, popular in Italian racing, and the Y10 the first car to use Fiat’s new Fully integrated robotised engine.


Bianchi was well known as a bicycle manufacturer from 1899, and became well known for making fine motorcycles, the company didn’t always make passenger cars, particularly after their factory was decimated in WW2 after which the focus, led by Giuseppe Bianchi, shifted exclusively to the productio of bikes. The Milan based company then partnered with Fiat and Pierelli in 1955 to assemble small luxury automobiles before eventually being bought out by Fiat, it’s focus being on snaring the this niche from Vignale.


The Bianchini was an upscale mini, based on Fiat’s new 500, and promoted as a recreational vehicle for affluent Italian middle class female. The Autobianchi Stellina produced in 1963 was Italy’s first fibreglass bodied vehicle, and produced during 1964 and 1965 with only a few hundred being made. the Bianchina 500 Coupe, based on the just launched Fiat 500, but offered as a real two seater only, and fitted with a folding roof


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