PIMPURSCOOT in baby pink piaggo

March 5, 2007

Piaggo, is an Italian manufacturer of well known scooter brands, including
Vespa, Gilera and Derby.

Piaggio is synonymous with personal freedom and is close to the hearts and minds not just of Europeans, but ever since the love affair with motorists around the globe has commenced.

Up for auction on ebay I found this new custom baby pink special edition version of the hugely successful and innovative luxury zip scooter produced by the Piaggio group. The Italian Piaggo group are renowned for their Italian creative flair, technological prowess and quality. Their website is lots of fun to visit at http://www.piaggio.com. Their story and affiliation with the charity for MS sufferers through the proceeds of other famous scooter lines is also touching.

The scooter phenomenon was launched back in 1946, and has set important benchmarks in standards for European urban freedom and mobility.

Over the last couple of years Piaggio has had phenomenal success. The popularity of their scooters continue to soar, causing a revolution in personal transport, with the European contagion spreading globally.

This is a customised special edition baby pink scooter from ebay seller
PimpURScoot. I love the baby pink. 


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