Pink Classic Car Dogbed by Haute Diggity Dog

March 5, 2007

You won’t find these in the 2007 Car Buyer’s Guide.

They won’t cause motion sickness, and there is no engine to start, horn to toot, no need for restraints and no radio to listen to.  You don’t have to worry about any  behavioural problems like hyperactivity, fear of riding or territorial behaviour.

However, what about when your beloved parisian pink pooch finds out that the mutt next door drives a Murcedes, and they only have a VW Barkswagon? (legal reasons mandate that we point out that the Barkswagon is in no way affiliated with Volkswagen)

There is a definite risk of status anxiety for the class conscious canine.

Your feckless feline is less likely to demand a set of wheels unless of course it has a chauffeur at the wheel.

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