Wi-fi laptops & pink data pimps

March 10, 2007

Using your latest wi-fi enabled limited edition pink leather laptop at the airport or coffee shop whilst sipping a latte may be the ultimate fashion statement.

The whole point of flashing your pretty pink notebook around town is to broadcast who you are, part of the pink glam brigade, and avid donator to pink charities.

But wi-fi enabled laptops make a lot more public than just your pink panache.

Those able to sniff wireless network traffic know a lot about your pink laptop, particularly if you use an access point without adequate security. Those at airports and coffee shops are notorious for being vulnerable to data snoops from the pink intelligentsia.

As tempting as it may be to do your online banking before jetting off to Paris for the fashion awards, it is advisable not to use unsecured access sites to connect to sensitive websites.

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