Text message Hail-Safe for taxi safety

March 12, 2007

An all female London team at ‘Hail-Safe’ have devised a solution to women travelling safely in a taxi cab, with some of their proceeds going to muscular-dystrophy.


One Response to “Text message Hail-Safe for taxi safety”

  1. California Yellow Cabby Says:

    look, i drive a taxi in orange county, california. I have a very hard time with the notion that you’re not safe in a cab. In fact it goes the other way around. You are more likely to be sexually assaulted waiting for a bus, by a co worker or mutual friend of you and your boyfriends or whoever. It is the stupidest place on earth to sexual assault a lady, most the time we are the victims of assault. What happens a lot of the time is that women get drunk and assume they can use sex to pay the fare, when they’re done they cry rape, it is very common and has put a lot of good people in jail. We pick up ladies to get them away from threats and dangerous situations they are not even aware they are in, we pick you up from a club where a man will find a way to date rape you and instead of you waking up with your hands and ankles bound on some strangers bed posts violated you are safe in your apartment because I dropped you off right at your door. I’ve dealt with a lot of sociopaths as a taxi driver and you will brush with them on route to the cab before you encounter that with us.
    If i were to assault you, where would I hide the evidence, I have a gps on me at all times, recording every pick up, if you were to even complain give them a time and place, my name would come up.
    The people you’re thinking of, the perverts are gypsie cab drivers, people who have no regulations, who break the law and take passengers, those are the ones who will kidnap you. Check for the regulation stickers never get in a gypsy cab. There actions ruin it for all of us.
    It is very difficult to get cab fares when I have people afraid that I personally am going to sexually or physically assault them. We have several background checks we need to pass to even be CONSIDERED for the job. Why should I have a few clowns ruin it for me and all of my friends. These idiots make you think you’re in danger in a cab when you are in one of the safest possible places, on your way back home safely being driven by a safe sane professional.

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