Pink Buick nostalgia

March 21, 2007

These treasures reflect the glory days of the timeless old classics like Chevvys and Oldsmobiles . Yards and yards long, these gems are reminiscent of a bygone era.

‘Mary Kay pink’ cum ‘red ice pearl’ was the colour of choice for the owner of this legendary Pink Buick Roadmaster 1966.


This 1948 Buick pink with white scallops looks very shiny shiny, but isn’t for the faint hearted.


1958 Buick special


Pink Buick

Pink Buick station wagon

A 1956 Buick century, eye seering hot pink primer with white pearl top;_ylt=AnB4KzdaE.NcdaKqEZBGwKuG0ckF

History of the Buick

This week’s wander down memory lane turns the spotlight on the venerable Buick motor car.

No history of the classic American automobile would be complete without paying homage to the contribution of Buick and it’s romantic turbulent history.

Around 2003 the Buick Motor Company, recently incorporated, represented just one of hundreds of small automobile companies in America.

The Buick Motor division was founded by Scottish immigrant David Dunbar Buick, an early pioneer and inventor, who was building gasoline engines by 1899. Together with engineer Walter Marr he built the first automobile soon after.

Buick was popularly perceived in the industry as a ‘dreamer’, a talented inventor, but one who lacked the financial or business prowess to promote and establish the Buick.

This early feat of building the first Buick predated the official incorporation of the Buick Motor Company in 1903 and it’s eventual relocation from it’s humble beginnings in Detroit to Flint. Flint was a centre for horse drawn carriage production for many years.

The Division’s history is an intriguing and turbulent one, with the fortunes of the company waning and prospering.

It survived an early brush with bankruptcy, only to emerge under the guidance of William Billy Durant (known as the ‘carriage king’) as the number one automobile in the US.

Durant was known for his leadership in horse and buggies, and avid dislike for the automobile. However he was astute enough to see the potential in the Buick and once he got behind it was to play a major role in it’s ultimate success.

Naturally gifted at planning and promoting large events, at the 1905 New York auto show he boldly took 1,000 orders for the Buick whilst the Company only had 40 to sell.

In 1908 after trying to engage Ford in a merger he created a holding company called GM and brought more than 30 companies under the company’s name.

General Motor’s is beholden to the Buick for it’s present day existence.

Innovators and creators were attracted to the Buick, popularly perceived as the first real success of the automobile industry.

Surrounded by competition, the company’s future wasn’t looking very promising when it took three years to build the first two cars. But after that, it was churning out more cars than Ford and Cadillac combined.

Buick released their first dreamsville type car the Y which possessed it’s own unique aura of magnificence, even if it was seen as lacking in elegance.

Other favoured Buicks are darling Vintage 53 Buick Skylark, the 60 Electra convertibles, 1957 Buick Century Riviera pictured in pink and white, and the 63 Riviera, all of which possessed dramatic styling and an aristocratic charm.

Amongst Buicks management team were Walter Chrysler and Louis Chevrolet.

Harkening back to the very early days in the 1920’s, Buick garnered global respect for the quality of cars produced. Buick became renowned for breakthrough unrivalled technology which became the standard for other automobile makers.

Examples were the first overhead valve engine in 1908, the mass produced V6 and all aluminum V8.

By the time the second world war broke out Buick had firmly established itself as the maker of premium automobiles.

It’s 1942 cars were aesthetically pleasing classic designs with long flowing front fenders.

Buick became widely know for being the choice of car for the refined regal buyer, finding particular favour with the British royal family.

The Buick continues it’s tradition as one of GM’s premier cars, an uptown car that embodies American luxury.


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