March 22, 2007



The pink marketing strategies behind cars like the playboy pink Mustang, the Hello Kitty Princess, and Nissan Pink C+C have met with a mixed reception.


But engaging the female market is hardly a new thing, and the marketers of the Dodge La Femme had already made the observation that women’s opinions on what colour of car to invest in couldn’t be overlooked. Back in 1955 Dodge released marketing brochures for the La Femme indicating the car was made By Special Appointment to Her Majesty… the American Woman


La Femme was born and was clearly oriented towards women with it’s pink colour co-ordination, and was based partly on a dusty rose painted show car called La Comtesse.


The two-toned car featured Sapphire white and Heater Rose. A luxury two door hardtop, it came complete with a feminine accessory package including a pink comb, compact/vanity mirror, lipstick and purse in soft rose leather fitted with a lighter and cigarette case.


The accessories also included a stylish rain cape, fisherman’s style rain hat and umbrella. The interior of the car was decked out in a rosebud patterned tapestry style upholstery set against a pale pink background and matching pale pink vinyl trim. The fender boasted a gold ‘La Femme’ insignia.


Dodge even created tailor made compartments with flap top openings trimmed to match the interior of the car where they could be stored. for

The 1955 version featured the pink rosebud lining of the seats and door panels. There were only 300 to 100 specially ordered La Femmes, making it a rarity in today’s world.



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