March 23, 2007

The pink credentials for this GM concept car say it all “Exterior: Layered luminous ManGenta paint finish”.

The lesson is clear.

When designing a pink painted concept auto show car, pink auto marketers must brainstorm for the appropriate code names to ensure that the message is delivered to the targeted audience and doesn’t miscarry. This applies to everything from the right alpha numeric sequence to the coining of the colour of it’s exterior.

We have seen how powerful a letter alone can be in the trade mark litigation recently fought out in the Canadian Federal Court between BMW and Nissan over the use of the letter Big M in advertising

The pink marketing team at Holden obviously dug deep in coding the hot pink Torana TT36 for it’s first show entrance at the Australian International Motor Show.

Nothing less would do for a millenium ‘spiritual successor’ to the revered Bathurst winning icon sports car legend of the 70’s, the A9X, whose name is etched in the minds of racing car enthusiasts and record books at Mt Panorama.

It is no mean feat when dealing with a distinctly X chromosome based car to get your branding code right, your G’s and M’s in the right place, with the capitalisation spot on.

A gorgeously florridly hot pink exterior theme just wouldn’t be on for such an aggressive full frontal sports car that reaks of testosterone. The pink dilution solution for GM perverts the pink lingo in the right way, so that pink becomes Magenta becomes ManGenta. (with a big M & big G emphasis), ensuring that the testosterone still reaks rather than leaks.

Revolutions are all good and well in the automotive industry except when they are pink, as we saw when exploring the pink dilution solution to the pink marketing condundrum faced by Ford in their styling of the 2008 Playboy Pink Mustang .

In GM’s case, a fine pink line had to be navigated for a car that vividly recalls the aggressive frontal sports image of it’s racy predecessor.

That only means pink compromise in a high fidelity pink world.

Only a visionary pink risk management marketing machine team could get the pinkspeak right for this divine pink inspiration…..

‘ManGenta’ was the term testosterone mindful trendspotting wizards came up with for the luminous hot XP54 project, known as the Holden Torana TT36. BTW, the use of ‘XP54’ has been jettisoned, a clever strategic move, particularly for a car whose interior is also dosed up with pink.

Management want to ensure the ‘right’ healthy pink glow is imparted to the discerning male buyer.

No man’s man would dare open the door to a car, particularly one with a full length lighting strip integrated into the pearlescent perspex roof, that radiates a pink (sic ManGenta) glow.

The car is awash with pink testimonials, boasting ambient LED pink lighting, pink LED lit footwells, armrests, and rear subwoofers. There is a pink backlit starter button on the centre console and floating IP dials with pink indicators appear on a 3D black background. The interior is carefully balanced by plentiful pints of ‘piano black’ splashed around for contrast and proper phallic perspective.

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