March 23, 2007

If you have a pink library or bookstore that isn’t going too well, do not fear, for you could be more in demand than you know.

Well, at least the Government might be interested in you, if that is any consolation, although the problem is you may never find out about it!!

And like the internet, the Government never forgets.

The House and Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on violations by the FBI in the distribution and enforcement of NSLs (National Security Letters) confirm a suspicion that there has been a lack of oversight into the FBI’s notorious surveillance activities caused by loose drafting in the USA Patriot Act and a lack of scrutiny. The NSLs permit the FBI to not only seize information relating to persons and groups not reasonably suspected of being involved in terrorist activities, but of retaining such information indefinitely.
The worst excesses have seen the FBI circumvent even the NSL procedure, approaching telephone companies directly demanding data without any open investigation, subpoena or situation of emergency.

With libraries and bookstores continuing to receive NSLs, as a result of overzealousness and sloppiness, one Representative Lundgren for CA pointed out that terrorism will indirectly succeed by destroying the US Constitution.

It is a sobering thought that you will never get to know whether the Government has demanded information about you, as there is no judicial or other approval required, and the persons receiving such demands for information are permanently prohibited from telling their customers or anyone about them.

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