March 24, 2007

The limo lover doesn’t need an occasion for a pink limo-scene.

But there are no shortage of start up luxury limousine companies out there ready to cater for your every wish.  This Ford Lincoln is being sold on ebay along with a low cost entry into the limo business. 

Ford Lincoln


It has a white vinyl top, leather interior, seats six and has an entertainment system which guarantees to make customers forget where they are going or whether they were going anywhere at all.  

 Equipped with a DVD player, disco lights, lightning ball, smoke machine and karaoke machine, it presents a great excuse for the next office mobile karaoke or disco. Also offered is a domain name  and all promotional materials such as flyers and business cards.

Your customers wouldn’t have to be getting married, going on a wine tasting tour, their prom, ladies lunch day, or be doing  the town to be on the limoscene radar.  

Indeed it is apparent that Adam Blake, past winner of the Heisman trophy for undergraduate business students seems to think that  500 seconds in a limousine will provide the best inspirational environment for a $10K award winning business plan, the prize on offer as part of the inaugural Nascent 500 Business Plan challenge

Well there you go, a business idea in itself. Promoting the next POW WOW type meetings for the corporate marketing team. Or for the underachiever who can’t climb the ranks of the corporate ladder, maybe a return journey to their apartment at the end of a hard day at the office might provide them with at least the fantasy of being a high heeled executive.

You could offer personal training sessions as an optional extra…

Other ideas could be a limo restaurant or buffet for the six figure CEO or a burger with or without fries for the budget conscious.

If you are an aspiring pink limo entrepreneur, it is helpful to think of a good excuse for your clients to want to jump into your limo.

You may even create a market where none existed.

Do your homework first, and get your business plan together. That means researching the type of vehicles available for hire in your local area and the price structure of your competitors.

You should have developed an idea of what your market niche will be, whether it is a special occasion themed business which will also guide the type of advertising you invest in. For instance if you are a specialty limousine that caters for weddings other related vendors might be wedding planners, caterers, and florists.

There is the related question of whether you will go with exotic, classic or unique novelty type limos, whether you need a limo bus or shuttle service, and for those with a big vision, whether you offer premium services, adopting state of the art electronics and navigation systems.

Your customers may be the type to kick back and enjoy the latest blockbuster on a large flat screen TV, listn to satellite radio or plug in their ipod. Others may settle for piped music or a singing chauffeur.

You need to know whether you are pitching to the luxury limo seeker or the bargain basement hunter…

Perhaps the biggest decision for the start up is what type of vehicles to buy for your fleet, and there are no simple answers. Cadillac Sedan De Ville or Lincoln Town Cars are recommended as ideal for the corporate transportation clientele. A special occasion hire car service on the other hand may opt for a stretch limousine or pink cadillac.

Industry observers have noted a number of alternative modes of transportation are being offered by car rental companies to seduce customers looking for something different. These include vintage cars, antique fire engines, ambulances, horse drawn carriages and ersatz cable cars.

Prospecting for clients is likely to present the biggest challenge, and tapping into the local network of travel agents, bridal shop owners and related businesses to increase the visibility of your business is a critical part of promoting your business.  

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